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Scroll this page to view the art of the ORG. Over the years, several artists, designers, musicians and videographers have offered their services to the Ohio Rights Group, producing a remarkable collection of images, memes and videos that depict the issues of our times. Sadly, as seen at the bottom of this page, a few memes also memorialize our friends and colleagues who only remain with us in spirit. 

The ORG Gallery of Images and Videos

by Linda Pardee

  ORG images and memes

  ORG videos

2013. A short and very nice promotional video for the Ohio Cannabis Rights Amendment

2013 & 2014. A video overview of ORG activities during the last half of 2013 and first part of 2014.

2015. The ORG's signature video in beautifully produced support of Issue 3 (Responsible Ohio).

2013. Instructions on how to properly fill out a petitions for the Ohio Cannabis Rights Amendment. Applicable to other petitions as well.

2015. Former ORG Treasurer Chad Callender explains the importance of passing Issue 3 (Responsible Ohio).

2014. Lauren Berlekamp on the medical cannabis. .

2014. An ORG commercial courtesy of Hemptations.

2014. ORG representatives discuss the importance of activism at ComFest. Video courtesy of Bill Schmidt.

2013. Former ORG President John Pardee speaking on Fountain Square in Cincinnati.

Former ORG President John Pardee and an MS patient on Dayton television news.

2013. The Russ Belville Show #540 Interview - John Pardee from the Ohio Rights Group.

Chad Catlett (1970-2014) founded both the OMCA and the ORG. He in fact offered the original motion to form the Ohio Rights Group at its initial meeting on January 19, 2013.

Kevin Nesser (1954-2015)  ORG signature gatherer extraordinaire

Claudia King (1959-2015)  ORG Marion County Captain and signature gatherer extraordinaire.

Joe Zoretic (1968-2007) Although Joe's passing predates the ORG, he was certainly on our minds. His activism inspired the formation of medical marijuana advocacy groups like the Ohio Rights Group. In fact, Joe carries the unique distinction of being one of the few individuals to be memorialized in the Congressional Record for medical marijuana. He received similar recognition from both chambers of the Ohio Legislature. Then U.S. Representative Dennis Kucinich used these words to describe Joe's  commitment to the cause: "Love and bravery can overcome injustice.

Sheena Moore  (1985-2016)  ORG Summit County Captain, passionate advocate and signature gatherer extraordinaire.

Matt Toepfer.jpg

Matt Toepher  (1986-2020)

ORG Northwest Regional Manager


Angelbica Warren  (1988-2023)  ORG board member. Survivor of terminal brain cancer for 15 years.

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