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Why donate to the Ohio Rights Group?

  • We’re organized! The ORG is a 501(c)(4) advocacy organization for the medical and therapeutic uses of the cannabis plant and for industrial hemp

  • We’re active! The ORG been active in cannabis advocacy since 2010. Whether its ballot initiatives, legislation, elections, candidates or education, the ORG has been involved in every step to move the cannabis plant and its may uses toward legalization in Ohio. See our Plan.

  • We’re visionary! The ORG believes that successful organizations are based values and have a vision for the future. Who we are and what we stand for matter. See what we’re about.

  • We’re creative! The ORG has crafted statewide ballot initiatives, delivered moving testimony, filmed compelling videos, created provocative imagery, staged informative events and much, much more. See our gallery.

  • We’re committed! The ORG has moved, changed and evolved with the times, always with an eye on achieving our mission and purpose. See our accomplishments.

Your dollars will support an organization that gets the job done, while always staying true to its vision and values.

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