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A number of U.S. patents have been issued for various cannabinoids, chemical compounds that are derived from the cannabis plant.

Cannabis Potency

The University has had a contract with the National Institution of Drug Abuse since mid-1970s to grow and analyze marijuana. Each year since 1975, the Project has issued quarterly reports concerning the THC levels of seized cannabis samples sent to them by law enforcement. These reports detail the potency (cannabinoid content, mostly THC) of these samples that include marijuana, sensemilla (flower-only high potency cannabis), kilobricks and general leaf.

There is only one location in the entire United States where the growing of cannabis (marijuana) is federally legal, and that is the University of Mississippi's School of Pharmacy. "Ole Miss," as U of M is often called, is located in Oxford, Mississippi.

These two tables analyze the potency (THC %) of the samples reviewed by the University of Mississippi by year:

Uses of Cannabinoids.jpg
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