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The Ohio Rights Group has staged and participated in numerous conferences, seminars, presentations, debates and other events designed to educate the public about cannabis and its medicinal benefits.

Dr. Dustin Sulak presents at the 2017 Ohio Medical Cannabis Education Symposium at which he was the Keynote Speaker along with Dr. Ethan Russo. 

The ORG's Medical Cannabis Conference held at Ohio State University brought together three physicians on a Sunday in May 2015 to cover "The Human ECS: The Cannabis Inside Us All." Read more about this event from its press release HERE.

A Town Hall held by ABC 6 TV at the Columbus Museum of Art in February 2014 received national media coverage when two pro-medical cannabis supporters from the ORG (on the right) won handily against two prohibitionists.  

A similar debate at Ohio University held in March 2014 was standing room only.  

Noted Israeli researcher joined the ORG and former Ohio Rep. Bob Hagan in July 2013 to discuss the possibilities for medical cannabis research in Ohio.

Elderly residents at the Kendal in Oberlin listen to a 2013 ORG presentation on cannabis and health.

In October 2013, the ORG co-hosted a medical cannabis symposium at the University of Toledo.

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