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Election Integrity

The ORG's election protection project in collaboration with the Ohio Green Party successfully placed official election observers inside 20 county boards of election on November 8, 2016. In addition, another 25 volunteers monitored various precincts, for a grand total of 41 Election Day observers. Some covered more than one county. Official election observers were present at boards of election in four of the five counties that contained a city with a marijuana decriminalization initiative on the ballot. It should be remembered that the Green Party had the same standing as either of the major parties during the election.

Processing provisional ballots in Delaware County, Ohio on Election Night 2016.

Concerned about election integrity?


Here's what you can do:


  • First, don’t abandon the process. Register to vote, and then vote in each and every election.


  • Find articles about Ohio election fraud and post them to a Facebook page. Let’s create an archive and discussion about honest – and dishonest – elections.


  • Train and serve as election watchers beginning with Ohio’s Primary Election in May.

  • During an election, take screen shots of your vote and the vote count as it comes in on television and the Internet. Let officials know you’re watching them.


  • Support the Columbus Free Press. Why isn’t election fraud reported in the mainstream media? Because, well, they’re mainstream. Independent news organizations are better able to provide details on such controversial issues.


  • Raise your voice and call for an investigation into possible election fraud when it is detected. Challenges can be conducted by a campaign or independently by parties like the Columbus Free Press, Harvey Wasserman and Bob Fitrakis.

Voter links you can use:


Check your voter registration or find Ohio voters HERE.


Ohio Voter Registration Form is HERE.


Ohio election calendar for 2021 is HERE.


Ohio Absentee ballot request form is HERE.


List of Ohio's Boards of Election is HERE


Official Election Results in Ohio by year are HERE

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