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Vote No on Issue 2 because:

Wanted: Candidates for public office who support the medicinal, therapeutic and industrial uses of cannabis/hemp by Ohioans.


We know that good law and effective regulations come from legislators and office holders who understand and support this issue. But far too often, we settle for lesser candidates even though they are ignorant about cannabis and its many benefits, or come from entrenched special interests. Further, talented potential lawmakers are often outsiders to political system and lack the substantial sums required to gain ballot access and run a successful campaign. This must change.

The Ohio Rights Group is dedicated to supporting qualified candidates for public office to the extent we can under our tax exempt status.

If you support the compassionate use of cannabis and the industrial use of hemp, and are considering a run for public office in Ohio or funding one, please contact the ORG at

Interested in running for pubic office?  Consider these resources:

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