GW Pharmaceuticals: Savior of mankind or bane of human existence?

Once upon a time, there was a guy who knew a lot about marijuana. He attended cannabis conferences and participated in presentations. He hobnobbed with a wealthy well-known insurance magnate. Eccentric described him, but he also had a wonky, biochemical side intent on legitimizing marijuana as medicine. He claimed he had “no beef with people who grow, smoke, or provide their own cannabis.” He decried the drug war’s toll on U.S. marijuana policy. But there was another side. He’s been portrayed as the master mind behind an unfair marijuana monopoly that patents plants, extraction techniques, medicines and extract inhalers – and then sues violators. A Monsanto that resorts to heavy-handed poli

Vote YES on Issue 1

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts: ORG General Number – (614) 300-0529 E-mail: Date: October 8, 2018 SUBJECT: VOTE YES on ISSUE 1 It’s time to end the decades old over incarceration of Ohioans on nonviolent drug charges (Columbus, Ohio) The Ohio Rights Group – the state’s foremost medical marijuana patient group – urges Ohio voters to cast their ballots on November 6th in favor of Issue 1, the Neighborhood Safety, Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Amendment . This is a long-awaited and much broader remake of the 2002 Ohio Drug Treatment in Lieu of Incarceration Amendment 1, which had it passed, would have significantly reduced Ohio’s nonviolent prison population, something

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