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You’ve come a long way baby. Medical marijuana is now legal in Ohio. A bill passed, establishing an industry that will serve a significant portion of the state’s patient population. Certified physicians will recommend cannabis to those with one of 21 medical conditions. The plant will be grown in giant warehouses, processed into oils and tinctures, tested for contaminants and sold in dispensaries around the state. With patient numbers estimated at over 150,000, the Ohio market may well exceed $200 million. But we still have a long way to go. The roll out of Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Control Program has hardly been smooth. As widely reported, marijuana will not be on the shelves by the program

Significant Steps in Ohio Marijuana Reform

This graphic appeared in the January 2018 edition of the Columbus Free Press that on its cover declared “2018 the Year of Cannabis.” And that’s turning to be true. Ascending the stalk of a hemp plant, an image from the January 1998 issue, are 20 significant steps in Ohio marijuana reform that ultimately led to the implementation of Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Control program. Granted, just since the publishing of the Free Press in January, the future forecast has changed. Two judges ruled that the Level I cultivation licensees could their rolling out; numerous appeals have yet to be heard by the Department of Commerce. There will be no marijuana-related amendment on the fall 2018 ballot (#17).

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