Ohio Rights Group urges Ohioans to vote Yes to lower drug costs

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts: ORG General Number – (614) 300-0529 E-mail: Date: October 23, 2017 SUBJECT: OHIO RIGHTS GROUP ANNOUNCES ITS SUPPORT OF ISSUE 2 The ORG urges Ohioans to vote Yes in November to lower drug costs (Columbus, OH): The Ohio Rights Group (ORG), well known for its involvement in patient-focused issues, announces its support of the Ohio Drug Price Relief Act, aka Issue 2, slated to appear on the ballot in November. The ORG board of directors voted unanimously to urge Ohioans to vote YES to help lower prescription drug costs in Ohio. Issue 2 is an initiated statute (not an amendment to the Ohio Constitution) that would add a law to the Ohio Rev

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